Melle's Best Spinach Dumplings -
Melle's Best Spinach Dumplings -

Melle's Best Spinach Dumplings


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Melle's Best Spinach Dumplings are a 500 year old food specialty from the region of Southern Tyrol, an area that is historical and a gastronomic heart of Europe. The region is partly Italian and it has the best specialties of the Italian and Austrian cuisines, which surprise with unexpected new tastes, harmony and modernity.

Serve the dumplings with tomato sauce, with various meat dishes, in sauce or combined with various vegetables. Pair the dumplings with your favorite savory dishes to soak up the sauce - turkey and gravy, venison and red wine reduction. Add olive oil and parmesan cheese for a quick dish. Sprinkle dumplings with cheese and melted butter. Serve as main course or hors d’oeuvres.

Cooking Instructions: Defrost the dumplings. Place in salty boiling water or a broth; reduce flame and boil gently for approximately 20 minutes.

Ingredients: 34% wheat roll (wheat, water, salt, yeast), whole egg, 14% spinach, emmental and gouda cheese, onions, cream, salt, baking soda (sodium carbonate), starch, spices, glucose syrup, spice extracts.

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Net Weight: 300 g. / 10.58 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany