Melle's Best Potato Dumplings -
Melle's Best Potato Dumplings -

Melle's Best Potato Dumplings


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Melle's Best Potato Dumplings are classic German Kartoffel Knödel or Kartoffelklösse. Pair the Knödel with your favorite savory dishes to soak up the sauce – turkey and gravy, venison and red wine reduction.

Cooking Instructions: Place the (defrosted) Knödel in salty boiling water or a broth; reduce to boil gently for approximately 12-14 minutes.

Ingredients: Potatoes, egg white, starch, salt, thickener: guar gum, spice extracts.

This item is frozen.

Net Weight: 300 g. / 10.58  oz.
Country of Origin: Germany