Meica Weiswurst

Meica Weiswurst


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Bavarian Weisswurst from Meica brings a unique blend of pork and salt with spices, packed in a flavorful brine. Serve with sweet mustard, fresh pretzels and a glass of wheat beer to have an Oktoberfest feast whenever you like. The sausages are smoked over beechwood and are precooked and ready to eat. Packaged in jars to ensure freshness, Meica sausages include no flavor enhancers, colorings, or artificial additives. When you eat a Meica sausage you are getting the highest quality possible.

Ingredients: Water, Pork,  Pork Fat, Cooked Rinds, Salt, Spices, Natural Flavoring

Net Weight : 345 g. / 12.1 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany