Martin Pouret Orleans Sauvignon Vinegar

Item # P9084030

Martin Pouret Orleans Sauvignon Vinegar is a French Sauvignon Blanc white wine that has turned into vinegar using the traditional Orléans method, which is the meeting between French terroir, air and time. The unique process of the traditional Orléans method : The transformation of the wine into vinegar is made by a natural surface fermentation, with neither brewing nor addition of ferments. The wine, sheltered from light, in "vaisseaux" which are 240 liters oak barrels, will slowly turn into vinegar at a constant 30°c temperature. Lastly, the vinegar is aged at least 1 year in oak casks in Martin Pouret's cellars. The resulting vinegars are less acidic and preserve the original perfumes and minerals of the wine.

This Martin Pouret Premium Selection features selected Sauvignon grapes from the Loire Valley in order to highlight the richness of their terroir. Light, refreshing and crisp, sauvignon blanc vinegar is ideal for use in salad dressings, marinades and sauces. For optimal preservation, keep in a cool, dark cupboard away from the sunlight, both before and after opening.

Maison Martin Pouret is the only artisanal vinaigrier still making vinegars according to this traditional Orléans process, having started in 1797. However, vinegar-making has been a prized tradition in Orléans for centuries--the vinegar merchants' corporation was formed there in 1394. The city's strategic position on the Loire River accounts for its predominance: when Bordeaux wines being shipped to Paris turned bad (vin aigre = sour wine), they were unloaded at Orléans. Instead of discarding it, the Orleanais made it into vinegar.

Maison Martin Pouret has been operating through 6 successive generations and continues to seduce chefs and gourmands all over the world with products of an unprecedented legacy!

Net Weight: 350 ml. / 11.83 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: France