Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Honey Magic' Tea
Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Honey Magic' Tea

Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Honey Magic' Tea


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Herbs and honey: this has been a perfect feel-good combination for centuries. In the "Honey Magic" tea creation, spicy fennel, fresh lemon balm, verbena and exotic lemongrass combine to create a pleasant and enjoyable fusion. The honey aroma gives the exquisite drink a subtle sweetness so that you don't actually have to sweeten your "Honey Magic" in the cup. But try it yourself!

Herbal teas aren't actually teas - after all, they're not made from tea leaves.  New creations and mixtures keep creating new taste experiences for the teacup, as you can see in our range of teas. 

Herbal tea has two other advantages in addition to its great taste: It also tastes delicious cold. And you can also offer it to your little ones, because unlike black or green tea, there is no caffeine in pure herbal tea.

Net Weight: 50 g. / 1.77 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany