Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Holiday Freshness' Tea
Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Holiday Freshness' Tea

Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Holiday Freshness' Tea


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Green tea and fruit tea - this combination is simply perfect in the loose tea "Urlaubfrische"! The light tartness of the green tea is softened by coconut and mango chips and in this way ensures a very special taste experience.

Even the scent of exotic fruits evokes memories of a beach holiday - or a longing for travel. The effect is individual for everyone. But one thing is certain for every tea lover: thanks to the caffeine it contains, green tea gives you a good energy boost! So enjoy the "holiday freshness" in the morning for a good start to the day.

In our tea assortment, you will find many other types of loose tea, which are high quality and simply extraordinary. Try the different teas or give the unique creations away to friends who love tea as much as you do.

Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.53 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany