Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Fit For The Day' Tea
Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Fit For The Day' Tea

Lebkuchen Schmidt 'Fit For The Day' Tea


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If you like to start the day with a good cup of tea, then you should try "Fit for the Day" Tea. For this unique tea creation, they mixed high-quality green tea with delicious herbal tea and refined it with pieces of ginger and lemongrass. The ginger plays a major role: Together with the green tea, it provides the necessary energy for a successful day, it is good for you and is also at the forefront in terms of taste.

The sweet spiciness awakens the spirits, and the caffeine from the green tea also provides the energy booster. Combined with the naturally delicate, fresh touch of lemongrass, an extraordinary, exotic taste experience is created that will bring you to Southeast Asia with pleasure.

Incidentally, "Fit for the Day" is also a great alternative to coffee, whether in the morning or in the afternoon! Would you like green tea or pure herbal tea? Then take a look around our online shop, we have even more tea selections for you! 

20% lemongrass and 10% citrus orange peel.

Net Weight: 75 g. / 2.65 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany