Lebkuchen Schmidt Exclusive Gourmet Chest, 2022

Lebkuchen Schmidt Exclusive Gourmet Chest, 2022


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This beautiful chest contains as assortment of products that have been labeled as part of our Lebkuchen of the Year Collections, over the years.  All of your memories will come rushing back and it will be hard to remember which one you liked best.

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  • New: Honey Heaven, our Lebkuchen of the Year, 280 g.
  • Elisen-Queen, 285 g.
  • Premium Elise Plum-Cinnamon, 275 g.
  • Premium Roasted Almond Elise, 300 g.
  • Lebkuchen triangles, 215 g.
  • Premium Roasted Apple Elise, iced, 250 g.
  • Premium Black Elise, 275 g.

Net Weight: 1880 g. / 4.14 lbs.
Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 12.5 cm.