Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen-Königin (Queen) “Lebkuchen of the Year”

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen-Königin (Queen) “Lebkuchen of the Year”


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Lights off, spotlight on, here comes our Lebkuchen of the Year 2021: Elisen-Königin! Every year a new recipe is chosen, which is proudly presented to you, because the award-winning Lebkuchen specialities are among the best that leave the bakery.

We don't have to tell you much about the Elisen Lebkuchen. Thanks to their exquisite ingredients, a high nut content and a low flour content, they are the crowning glory of the art of Lebkuchen. Each Elise is baked on a fine, fresh wafer. The Lebkuchen of the Year contains no flour in the dough and is refined with chocolate patties in a chocolate coating. Let yourself enjoy the taste of Elisen-Königin (Queen) Lebkuchen of the Year.

Net Weight: 285 g. / 10.05 oz.