Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Selection
Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Selection

Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Selection


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Original Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen are the queens among the Lebkuchen. They have a particularly high nut content with very little flour. A crisp, fresh wafer serves each Elise as a tasty base and forms a pleasant contrast to the sweet filling. In our choice selection, there are six different Elisen Lebkuchen varieties to choose from: The chocolate-coated classics and Elisen Bars are here, as well as the fruity Roasted Apple Elisen and the Black Elisen with extra cocoa. As the crowning glory of the selection, a pack of Kaiser Elisen is included in the delicious parcel. Fine Chocolate Lebkuchen rounds off this exquisite mix - for holiday enjoyment down to the last Lebkuchen crumb!

Whether as a gift or as a sweet treat with coffee, Elisen Lebkuchen is always well received and tastes equally good for young and old!

  • New: Honey Heaven, our Lebkuchen of the year, 280 g.
  • Premium Roasted Apple Elise, iced, 250 g.
  • Premium Black Mini-Elise, 165 g.
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen Bars, assorted,125 g.
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen Bars, chocolate coated, 125 g.
  • Premium Nut Elisen Lebkuchen, 275 g.
  • Cinnamon Stars, 130 g.

Net Weight: 1350 g. / 2.98 lbs.
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 13 cm. 

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