Lauenstein Gin Dominoes
Lauenstein Gin Dominoes

Lauenstein Gin Dominoes


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Gin and chocolate - this incredibly delicious relationship is familiar to both gin fans and real sweet tooth gourmets. At Lebkuchen-Schmidt, we have taken this combination to a new level for Christmas time. Our gin dominoes are an innovative creation that promises an explosion of flavor.

Like all dominoes, these also consist of several layers of delicious ingredients. We have chosen hand-selected honey cake as the base and fine apple jelly as a fruity accent. Marzipan is of course also part of it and as the crowning touch, a layer of fine gin on top. We then dipped the dominos in different chocolates for more variety. So the small sweet cubes come with Belgian whole milk, fine dark and delicious white chocolate.

Net Weight: 140 g. / 4.9 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany