Langnese Summer Flowers Honey

Langnese Summer Flowers Honey


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Langnese Summer Flowers Honey (Sommerblüte) comes from selected sunny regions. The natural product is harvested from the honeycomb after the bees have sealed it tightly with wax. This means that the honey is mature – it has a full taste and all the nutrients are intact. Thanks to our careful filling process, the honey has an exquisite and delicate taste and none of its nutritional value gets lost.

This exceptional recipe has made Langnese Summer Flowers a favorite since 1927. A must-have for breakfast and ideal for various recipes.

Our naturally clear honey may recrystallize after a certain time as it is a 100% pure, unfiltered honey. By carefully heating it, the crystals can be melted down again.

Net Weight: 250 g. / 8.8 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany