Black Printen Truck Tin

Black Printen Truck Tin


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Lambertz Black Printen Truck is driving again! Now in a chic 30's retro design! The tin can be opened on the roof and on the engine block, it contains an assortment of nine (9) different gingerbread specialties.

Aachener Printen are a type of Lebkuchen originating from the city of Aachen in Germany. Somewhat similar to gingerbread, Printen were originally sweetened with honey, but for two centuries the tradition is to use a syrup made from sugar beets.

All product pieces are individually packed, so they can be removed individually and stay fresh for a long time. Even today, traditional recipes are used to preserve the tradition and centuries-old history of Lambertz. The tin is ideal for lovers of collecting tins, but is also a perfect gift.

Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lbs.
Country of Origin: Germany 

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