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Kuhne Whiskey Cornichons


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Kuhne Whiskey Cornichons are stirring up the bar scene with a secret recipe from the barrel: extremely crunchy gherkins with a shot of mild American Bourbon Whiskey. Not stirred or shaken but perfectly pickled, so that the fine honey and vanilla notes can develop. Whiskeylicious!

Features: without preservatives, no artificial colors, gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan, without artificial flavors

In 1722, a small vinegar distillery was founded in Berlin, which Friedrich Wilhelm Kühne took over. This laid the foundation for one of the largest companies in gourmet food and vinegar in Europe. Ten generations later, Kühne drives the development of market innovations with the key factors for successful developments: meeting current consumer needs and creating added value in addition to speed and assertiveness.

Ingredients: Gherkins, spirit vinegar, glucose-fructose syrup, sherry vinegar, 2% whiskey, sugar, salt, mustard seed, onions, pepper, natural flavoring.

Net Weight:  370 g. / 12.5 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany