Karine & Jeff Ratatouille
Karine & Jeff Ratatouille
Karine & Jeff Ratatouille

Karine & Jeff Ratatouille


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Ratatouille, a Provençal classic, is as healthy and tasty a dish. Karine & Jeff's selection of ingredients and process of steam cooking bring out the true flavors and preserve the natural minerals and vitamins. This recipe contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, or added sugar.

At the heart of this universe, there are several passions. Passion for entrepreneurship and passion for family, which are the roots of Karine & Jeff. Passion for cooking, which they have carried since childhood and which I am happy to pass on in my turn. Passion for nature, which leads them to create environmentally friendly cuisine. Passion for travel, which pushes them to explore the culinary traditions of the whole world.

One Serving

Net Weight: 350 g. / 12.3 oz.
Country of Origin: France

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