Kappus Kamillen-Seife Soap Bar

Kappus Kamillen-Seife Soap Bar


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Kappus Soaps Bar is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin. This hard-milled glycerine soap has gone through the mill process six times to maintain its longevity. Made from the natural ingredients, this soap does not harm the skin. It is colorful, imaginative, beautifully packaged with fragrances that delight your senses

Kappus Kamillen glycerine based soap guarantees not only pleasant bathing, but perfect care in cleansing the skin as well. It leaves skin soft and supple. It helps you keep your skin smoother and sensitive. It also protects your skin from germs and sun rays.

Kappus Kamillen Chamomile Soap is a vegetable based bar soap and has been dermatologist tested.

Net Weight: 90 g. / 3.2 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany