Kambly Bretzeli

Kambly Bretzeli


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The Kambly Bretzeli has been baked with the same love and care for over 110 years, made according to the original recipe of Oscar Kambly's (I) grandmother. Fresh butter and eggs from the Emmental and flour from the village mill give Switzerland's most popular branded biscuit its incomparable taste.

All ingredients are high-quality agricultural products that, whenever possible, are sourced from Swiss farmers and Swiss producers. The flour and butter used to bake Kambly biscuits and house specialties from the Emmental are sourced from the village mill and cheese dairy. Thanks to state-of-the-art energy concepts and efficient use of waste heat, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been greatly reduced, far exceeding legal requirements.

Net Weight: 98 g. / 3.46 oz.
Country of Origin: Switzerland

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