Inge Glass "Bat"  Ornament

Inge Glass "Bat" Ornament


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Bats fascinate us with their uniqueness - they sleep with their heads down and glide silently through the night. Unfortunately due to the use of chemical substances in agriculture and the destruction of habitats, almost all species in Germany are threatened with extinction.  With every Bat ornament sold Inge Glass with donate 1 Euro to a project to preserve and expand the natural habitat of bats in Germany. Together we can create nature.

The star on top of the ornament is the signature of Inge Glass and validates it authenticity.

With experience and great care, every single glass ornament is hand-blown and hand-painted in Inge's in-house manufactory, located in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria.  Only the best materials are used, crystal clear glass, genuine sterling silver as well as the colors.  The result are handmade glass ornaments of the highest quality and lasting value - for an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

Net Size: 8.5 cm. / 3.4 in. from the crown
Country of Origin: Germany