Hengstenberg Mildessa Cabbage with Portwein and Cranberries

Hengstenberg Mildessa Cabbage with Portwein and Cranberries


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Exquisite port wine and fruity cranberries give our Mildessa gourmet red cabbage with port wine and cranberries its special touch. A special taste experience, without the addition of flavor enhancers and preservatives. Simply open the resealable pouch and heat briefly. This gourmet red cabbage goes particularly well with roasts and game dishes. Our Mildessa gourmet red cabbage is also 100% from German farming. 

Hengstenberg is Germany's leader in pickles and sauerkraut and their flavors are distinctive - every bite is crisp and delicious! Hengstenberg, located in Esslingen near Stuttgart, was founded in 1867 by Richard Alfried Hengstenberg who was a co-author of the ‘vinegar purity law’ which is still part of today’s official food standards law. In 1930, the Hengstenberg company developed the world’s first pasteurized sauerkraut, which preserved the mineral and vitamin rich cabbage while extending the product’s shelf life. Today, the company offers a wide variety of pickled products and condiments, all known for the highest quality in the market.

Net Weight:  400 g. / 14. oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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