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Hengstenberg Carrot Salad


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Hengstenberg Carrot Salad contains carefully selected crunchy carrots in a fine julienne cut with a strong, natural orange color. They are immersed in a mildly savory infusion and refined with fresh fruity apple pieces. As a classic among salads, the carrot salad is ideal as an accompaniment to cold and hot dishes, for grilling or as a snack in between.

Hengstenberg is Germany's leader in pickles and sauerkraut. At Hengstenberg, all vegetables are processed and packaged within hours of harvesting to ensure a fresh, crunchy, and delicious product.

Ingredients: Carrots, 12% apple juice from apple juice concentrate, vinegar, sugar, 1.5% apple pieces, salt, natural spice flavor, natural flavor.

Net Weight:  370 ml. / 12.5 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Germany