Hammond's Pigs N' Taters Milk Chocolate Bar

Item # C3858045
Single or Multi-Pack

Hammond's Pigs N' Taters Milk Chocolate Bar is a rich sweet and salty chocolate bar. This bar contains a delicious mix of bacon, potato chips and milk chocolate making it perilously addictive. Due to being made with artificially flavored bacon bits, this bar is Kosher Dairy and Vegetarian safe! Don't let the artificial bacon bits deter you as these bars are so delicious they are featured on Oprah's website as a "chocolate bars they are crazy about" - http://www.oprah.com/gift/hammonds-pigs-n-taters-chocolate-bar?editors_pick_id=46627.

The bar is 5.75" L x 2" W x .375" Thick.

Net Weight:  64 g. / 7.0 oz.
Country of Origin: USA