Graupner Ring Ornament 'Snowman'
Graupner Ring Ornament 'Snowman'
Graupner Ring Ornament 'Snowman'
Graupner Ring Ornament 'Snowman'

Graupner Ring Ornament 'Snowman'


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Noble wood and metal combined in a modern Christmas tree decoration - these are our unique rings as Christmas tree decorations. The Snowman is framed by an elegant ring made of metal and thus result in a unique, loving work of art on the Christmas tree. Each piece is handcrafted by Graupner.

All figures and details are hand-painted. The pendants are provided with a blue thread for hanging. Brilliant colors, flawless workmanship and a high level of craftsmanship complete the valuable wood into a small jewel of Ore Mountain folk art.

Our tree jewelry rings are suitable both as a small gift and also as a gift idea for business partners or colleagues. With this unique piece you are sure to express your full appreciation! Our wooden Christmas tree decorations are made from sycamore maple.

The colors used contain particularly high-quality and lightfast pigments, which guarantee lasting brilliance and luminosity. They are certified according to the strict DIN EN71 guidelines for toys, and are naturally non-toxic and resistant to saliva.

As the importer, we guarantee the quality of this handmade tree decoration. An original miniature from the Ore Mountains - wood art for your home.

  • Width 12 mm
  • Height 80 mm 
  • Length 72 mm

Net Weight: 20 g. / .70 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany