Graupner Music Box "Santa's Workshop"
Graupner Music Box "Santa's Workshop"

Graupner Music Box "Santa's Workshop"


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The hand-painted Santa Claus is very busy - he tinkers, builds and screws in his Santa Claus workshop on the presents for Christmas. The cute train with the Christmas tree turns in circles to the melody of "Leise trickles der Schnee".

Not only children enjoy this elaborate masterpiece - adults are also enthusiastic about the extraordinary craftsmanship. Such a music box often accompanies the recipient for a lifetime.

The high-quality music box consists of almost 100 tiny wooden parts. It is equipped with a mechanical and durable SANKYO mechanism. The musical mechanism is wound up with a small key on the underside of the music box. Then the rotor starts moving and the melody begins to play. After some time, the game mechanism has to be wound up again.

Our wooden music boxes are fitted with sycamore maple. The case is made of oiled pine. The colors used contain particularly high-quality and lightfast pigments, which guarantee lasting brilliance and luminosity. They are certified according to the strict DIN EN71 guidelines for toys, and are naturally non-toxic and resistant to saliva.

Brilliant colors, flawless workmanship and a high level of craftsmanship complete the valuable wood into a hand-made, small, unique piece of folk art from the Ore Mountains.

With this Christmas decoration you get an original miniature from the Ore Mountains - handmade wood art for your home. As a manufacturer, we guarantee you the quality of this high-quality Christmas decoration.

    Width 108mm Height 85mm Length 98mm
    Country of Origin: Germany