Graupner Congratulations Box 'Offspring'

Graupner Congratulations Box 'Offspring'


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The congratulatory boxes have been a special trademark of our manufactory since the 1990s. In 2019 they were given a new packaging with a floral design. The content is and remains a classic. Art in a matchbox - we put together loving scenes on a size of about 9x7 cm in front of a colorfully printed back wall. You can describe the back with kind words yourself.

The box should serve as a high-quality and original type of greeting card. This motif is particularly suitable as a gift idea for or as a small birthday present. The rocking horse is elaborately hand-painted.  Another idea could be to include it in a gift bag or as a package topper.

We make the box out of pine wood. The equipment consists of sycamore maple. The colors used contain particularly high-quality and lightfast pigments, which guarantee lasting brilliance and luminosity. They are certified according to the strict DIN EN71 guidelines for toys, and are naturally non-toxic and resistant to saliva.

Bright colors, flawless workmanship and a high level of craftsmanship complete the valuable wood into a hand-made, small, unique piece from the Erzgebirge Folk Art.

Dimensions: 3.7 in. x 2.59 in. x 1.14 in.
Country of Origin: Germany