Goulibeur Broye de Poitou Shortbread

Goulibeur Broye de Poitou Shortbread


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In the past, the Broye du Poitou was baked to celebrate large events like a wedding or the yearly farm harvest. The Broye gets its name from the blow needed to break it into pieces for serving. Each box contains two Broye galettes, prefect for an after dinner treat.

Goulibeur, the family tradition. The "Broyé du Poitou's" recipe is passed from one generation to the other in every family and each one has its own secret. Brigitte Arnaud-Boué holds the recipe from her grandmother. Since 1976 Goulibeur continues this history of taste and tradition. It follows the rhythm of the seasons and family events.

Net Weight: 200 g. / 7.05 oz.
Country of Origin: France