Gerrit's Retro Gum Tin Beemans

Gerrit's Retro Gum Tin Beemans


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Gerrit's Retro Gum Tin Beemans is back, and this tin makes it perfect for giving! Beemans originally marketed the gum, which was made of pepsin powder and chicle, as an aid to digestion. Considered the 'Lucky Gum" for pilots, this became popular with aviators due to the antacid qualities of pepsin, useful due to the agitation of stomach acid in flight. Beemans Chewing Gum no longer contains any pepsin. The gum is sold sporadically in the USA by the Gerrit J. Verdburg Co.

Featured in many movies such as: The Right Stuff, Hot Shots!, The Rocketeer, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Disney's Tomorrowland!

This nostalgic gum tin contains 10 packs (5 sticks per pack).

Net Weight: 258 g. / 9.1 oz.
Country of Origin: USA