Geier's Sulze Head Cheese (Souse) -
Geier's Sulze Head Cheese (Souse) -

Geier's Sulze Head Cheese (Souse) in Tin


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Geier's Sulze Head Cheese (Souse) is coarsely ground pork blended with natural spices for a traditional Old World flavor. Made With Pork and Pork Skins.

Ingredients: Pork, Pork Skins, Water, Salt, Natural Spices, Sodium Nitrate.

All of Geier's products are made to Old World quality standards in Geier's professional kitchen. They should be stored at room temperature. However, for best flavor please chill before serving.

Geier's Sausage Kitchen has a long history of producing only the highest quality of Sausage and luncheon meats. This Tradition dates back over 60 years to a small town in Germany where Karl Geier started working in his father's meat market and sausage kitchen at an early age. He learned the trade under his father's watchful eye and received his Master Sausage Maker Diploma ""Metzgermeister Brief"" under the strict rules of the German Sausage Maker's Guild. Karl moved to the US and in the 1980's, opened ""Geier's Sausage Kitchen"" in Florida. Geier's all around knowledge and commitment to quality in the meat and sausage business in second to none. Karl's personal belief is to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all of their products. This, along with traditional recipes, some dating back over 100 years, makes Geier's Sausage Kitchen one of the finest European Sausage Kitchens in the world.

Net Weight: 185 g. / 6.5 oz.
Country of Origin: USA