Francois Doucet Pear and Raspberry Squares

Francois Doucet Pear and Raspberry Squares


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Francois Doucet Pear and Raspberry Squares contain a whopping 51% fruit (most of it local to the region) so when you bite into these squares you get a luscious taste of ripe summer Pear. These Pear & Raspberry stocking stuffers add a sunny Provençal accent to your holiday standards.

Doucet makes their pâtes de fruits in small batches, stirring the fresh fruit pulp in copper cauldrons and hand-packing the sugar-dusted jellies.

Francois Doucet Confiserie, founded in 1969 by François and Maggy Doucet, is a family-run confectioner located in Val de Durance, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Surrounded by orchards bathed in a climate ideal for fruit production, this small company benefits from abundant supplies of the best local fruits and nuts.

Net Weight: 180 g. / 6.3 oz.
Country of Origin: France

Best Before, But Not Expired: June 20, 2022