Francois Doucet Pate de Fruit Bites
Francois Doucet Pate de Fruit Bites

Francois Doucet Pate de Fruit Bites


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The Balles Gourmandes are small balls of fruit jellies . Made from pure fruit and also lavender honey from Provence, they are the perfect little snack for your gourmet desires of the day.

Fancy a gourmet break? Don't be fooled by its mini format, the Gourmet Billes will be perfect to delight your taste buds. All in finesse and delicacy, you will find in this small 140g format four delicious confections : three fruit jellies with blueberry, raspberry and orange apricot from Provence as well as a jelly with lavender honey from Provence.

Ingredients: Sugar from France, fruit pulp 50% (Orange apricot from Provence 20%, raspberry from EU/non-EU origin 10%, William pear from the Hautes Alpes 10%, blueberry from EU/non-EU origin 10%), glucose syrup from wheat, lavender honey from Provence 12%, water, gelling agent: pectin, acidifier: citric acid, natural fruit flavors (raspberry, blueberry, apricot), natural Bourbon vanilla flavor.

May contain nuts and gluten.

Weight: 140 g. / 4.9 oz.
Country of Origin: France