Fazer Fazermint Chocolate Creams Box

by Fazer
Item # C38114080

Fazer Fazermint Chocolate Creams Box contains a mouth-watering combination of smooth dark chocolate and a soft and creamy mint filling made with real peppermint oil.

Fazermints have been produced since 1963 in Finland and are recognized worldwide. The mints come individually wrapped in a silver and green foil twist wrap and the eye-catching silver box and festive wrappings make it a perfect gift.

Chocolates (cocoa solids 47% minimum) with a soft mint filling (45%) - ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier (lecithin incl. Soya), flavourings, enzyme (invertase).

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.29 oz.
Country of Origin: Finland