Dequmana Arbequina Olives
Dequmana Arbequina Olives

Dequmana Arbequina Olives


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These olives are hand-harvested individually to maintain their delicious flavors. Arbequina olives are cured for 3-4 months using traditional salt and water methods, which helps to maintain their rich buttery profile. Use these for topping your pizzas and pasta or throw some in a summer salad for a delightful kick. Or make a delicious Mediterranean flavored snack with juicy green olives marinated in garlic, lemon, coriander seeds, thyme, and red chili pepper flakes. The brand reflects the old Roman road named Decumano that ran from the Andalucian town of Carmona (where these olives are produced) to Rome. Many of the olives and olive oil used by the Romans came from Spain and traveled this road.

Net Weight: 340 g. / 12 oz. 
Country of Origin: Spain

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