Dallmayr Classic, 250 g.

Dallmayr Classic, 250 g.


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Dallmayr Classic Roast Ground Coffee is a pack full of finely roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans sourced from the fertile soils of Ethiopia. Boasting mildly intense flavors with hints of bittersweet flavors, this coffee imparts floral notes and is guaranteed to become your next favorite go-to option from Germany!

With 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed daily worldwide, it's safe to say that coffee is the world's favorite drink! This aromatic delight has come a long way - tracing its heritage back to ancient times of Ethiopia; now, coffee is a fabled drink equally enjoyed by everyone worldwide. In the 15th century, when roasting these aromatic beans became possible, coffee took over the world - this energizing, silky-smooth, and delicious drink fueled creativity, innovation, and progress. 

Dallmayr is a German coffee brand from Munich with over 300 years of expertise and experience crafting the most iconic German products made using the most delicate beans sourced from the most incredible coffee plantations worldwide. Established in 1700, the name Dallmayr has stood the test of time and evolved into one of the most well-known coffee brands in Germany and around the world! With its coffee directly sold to hotels, restaurants, and bars, Dallmayr coffee continues to be one of Germany's leading consumer goods brands! 

Weight: 250 g. / 8.8 oz.sale
Country of Origin: Germany

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