Dalecarlia Dark Chocolate Punch Swedish Dala Horses

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Dalecarlia Dark Chocolate Punch Swedish Dala Horses combines rich, dark chocolate with Punch liquor truffle filling in the shape of a Dala Horse creating the quintessential Swedish sweet treat. Each box contains 10 pieces.

The traditional Nordic liqueur, Punsch (Punssi in Finland), has a history dating back to 1733. Produced from arrack, other spirits (often brandy or rum), sugar and water, Punsch was the perfect sweet spot after a meal.

Dalecarlia Chocolates AB’s head office is in Mockfjärd, in the heart of the Swedish countryside in the Dalarna region. The unique flavors are blended by Adolf Ramprecht of Mockfjärd, several times Swedish Confectionery Champion.

The Dala Horse has become a symbol of Sweden. The colorful horse originally stems from the Dalarna region, where many ancient traditions are still alive and kicking. The bright colors are a source of cheer in the dark winter months, and provide warmth on cold nights. The people in the towns around Mora (the home of the famous Swedish artist Anders Zorn, 1860-1920) were skillful and industrious folk, and the art of carving horses grew rapidly. It was not long before the Dala Horse became a cherished souvenir linked not only with Dalarna, but also with Sweden as a whole.

Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.53 oz.
Country of Origin: Sweden