Seitenbacher Sourdough Bread Kit
Seitenbacher Sourdough Bread Kit

Seitenbacher Sourdough Bread Kit


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Sourdough bread is one of the most prized bread varieties beloved and appreciated throughout the world. Characterized by its slightly chewy texture good flavor, it has won over even the pickiest of palates and became an inseparable part of hearty and nutritious meals. As for the sourdough bread easy baking kit by Seitenbacher, this top-quality kit will help you bake light, airy and sour-flavored bread in a heartbeat. The package contains dry yeast, natural sourdough starter, and spelt flour, Seitenbacher’s sourdough baking kit will enrich your moments at the table with fresh and delicious sourdough bread.

Seitenbacher is one of the most successful and well-known authentic German food companies specializing in creating top-quality products. Founded in 1980 by German miller Willi Pfannenschwarz, this family-run brand quickly made a name for itself and gained notoriety throughout the country as a trustworthy and reliable food company. Located in Buchen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Seitenbacher takes a lot of pride in producing a wide array of top-notch products varying from famous cereals to baking mixes, fruit gums, snacks, coffee, biscuits, soups, sourdough, honey, and biscuits. 

Net Weight: 590 g. / 1.3 lbs.
Country of Origin: Germany