Scholl Intensive Footmask Socks with Aloe Vera & Urea

Scholl Intensive Footmask Socks with Aloe Vera & Urea


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Scholl Expert Care Intensive Dry Skin Footmask Socks (Intensiv Pflegende Fußmaske in Socken, in German) are designed to provide the intense feeling of hydration. In it's foot sock format, this mask is non-greasy and easy to use, which means after one simple application you'll have super soft, silky feet.

Hydro’Restor Technology: The sock is lined with a mesh that is specially designed to hold the cream in place, allowing easy absorption into the skin.

A 20 minute treatment: One treatment takes 20 minutes. Just put on the mask and let the cream work for you.

Easy to use: Thanks to the double layer design of the sock, the cream stays in place on the inside. The sealing sticker on the opening helps secure the sock around your ankle.


Country of Origin: Germany