Frankies 457 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frankies 457 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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The Franks visit olive tree groves in Sicily each year to oversee production of Frankie’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A few years ago, with the help from a family that has been pressing olive oil for close to a century, they discovered a ripe, bright, fruity olive oil good enough to pour and to share.

Frankie’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from organically grown Sicilian Olives. The Franks chose this particular olive oil because it tastes as delicious as olive oil can taste. In the kitchen it’s perfect for salad dressings, pastas, or any dish bettered by a burst of bright olive flavor.

Net Weight: 500 ml. / 16.9 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: Italy