Palacios Original  Picante Chorizo

Palacios Original Picante Chorizo


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If you like the intense flavor of chorizo with a touch of spice, this is the one for you. A spicy chorizo but not too spicy. You'll be surprised by its flavor.

Chorizo is a very traditional food in Spain that has been present in our gastronomy since the seventeenth century, as some historical accounts suggest, and it is closely linked to country life. This cured sausage is made in virtually every town across Spain, using artisanal methods, meaning there are many different varieties of chorizo. The most popular and widespread is presented in a horseshoe shape (its two ends are joined by a string that is cut before it is eaten for the first time).

For decades Palacios Alimentación has made its delicious chorizos in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja. Since Palacios was established, we have aimed to offer the best products. Which is why all our chorizos are made without preservatives or colorings, giving them a unique quality and flavor.

Spanish chorizo is a delicious, unique and very versatile product as an ingredient in recipes, and it can be eaten raw or cooked in the following ways.

In tapas: as an appetizer cut into slices, on its own or with bread, cheese and wine.

Shelf Stable.

Made with only four ingredients, pork meat, paprika, salt and garlic.

Net Weight: 225 g. / 7.9 oz.
Country of Origin: Spain