Lebkuchen Schmidt Nougat Herzen
Lebkuchen Schmidt Nougat Herzen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nougat Herzen


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Hearts have always been the symbol of affection, yes, of love. With our fine nougat hearts, we at Lebkuchen-Schmidt reveal what our hearts beat particularly high for: namely for chocolate! This passion has found its way into the recipe for our nougat hearts - the crispy hearts made from a dough with lots of nougat are given a chocolate base and chocolate threads after baking. No one, who likes chocolate, can resist these!

By the way, the French word nougat, which is also used in German to describe the exquisite chocolate-nut mixture, comes from Occitan: a Romance language that was spoken in southern France, Italy and Spain and is still recognized as an official language in Catalonia. "Noga" in Occitan refers to the nut, i.e. an ingredient of nougat.

Net Weight: 130 g. / 4.59 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Best before but not expired: July 7, 2022