Le Petit Duc Assorted Biscuits in Nostalgic Tin

Le Petit Duc Assorted Biscuits in Nostalgic Tin


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It is with great care that the Petit Duc makes these delicate collections of assorted biscuits by hand. Discover elegant boxes filled with fine and refined cookies for tasting moments over tea or to offer to the most discerning gourmets ...

Ten different variations with recipes dating back to the early 20th century.

Désirés - Very rich in almonds, with an unreasonable amount of vanilla and topped with the famous royal ice cream from our Calissons 

Almonds - signature! Delicately shortbread cookies covered with a honey almond mixture ... Irresistible.

LunesAlmond married to anise ... this flavor so appreciated in Provence.

Batons - The roundness of the almond combined with the spicy notes of chocolate.

TrefelsBiscuits with the good taste of Muscat, enhanced by a cinnamon sugar mixture.

Coeurs de Russie - Ginger in the spotlight in this thin cookie recipe.

Cacao-amandes - Good Cocoa Shortbread with large pieces of Almonds

Fleurs anglaisesA shortbread recipe well buttered with a melting texture.

Folies de PauletteA harmonious blend of honey, almond, orange blossom and candied fruit!

Coeurs du Petit AlbertShortbread hearts saffron, taken from the Petit Albert treaty!

Net Weight: 210 g. / 7.35 oz.
Country of Origin: France