Handlmaier Mittelscharf Bavarian Mustard

Handlmaier Mittelscharf Bavarian Mustard


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Handlmeier Mittelscharf Bavarian Mustard is one of their most popular varieties. Fresh mustard seeds are double ground in the traditional way. This makes our mustard particularly creamy and, with its pleasant spiciness, an all-rounder. 

In 1910, the butcher Karl and his wife Johanna Händlmaier founded their first butcher shop in the Old Town of Regensburg. Johanna Händlmaier wanted to offer her customers something very special for their sausages, and in 1914, her “sweet homemade mustard” was first created and thus laid the foundation for the company. In the beginning the mustard was made in small batches, in a saucepan in the butcher shop’s kitchen. Their son Joseph and his wife Louise Händlmaier took over the shop in 1949, and by Joseph’s death in 1955, they had several stores. In 1964, Louise decided to focus the business solely on their most popular product, mustard (specifically their classic süße Hausmachersenf), and the Händlmaier’s Mustard company was founded. This traditional product is still prepared in accordance with old original recipe.

Net Weight:  250 g. / 8.81 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany