Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny


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This Easter bunny is so delectably sweet in the truest sense of the word: We have made this adorable figure out of the finest chocolate and provided it with lots of loving details. 

The bunny is a wonderful gift especially for children, because almost all children like chocolate, and the bunny puts a big smile on the face of every little recipient, we are sure of that!

Did you know that the Easter Bunny has been inseparable from the holidays since the 17th century? He's been hiding Easter eggs and Easter nests ever since - or enjoying them himself, like our bunny here, who is happily nibbling on his carrot. Simply magical!

Net Weight: 60 g. / 2.12 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany 

Best before, but not expired:  January 17, 2023