Anthon Berg Chocolate Bottle Cognac Selection

Anthon Berg Chocolate Bottle Cognac Selection


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A Grand Tour of the Cognac Region Served in Delicate Chocolate Bottles Anthon Berg is ready to take the consumer on a tasting journey in the world’s perhaps most famous wine region - the region of Cognac on the west coast of France. 

They have have teamed up with five of the world’s most renowned Cognacs and are taking a tour of the terroirs of the region by encapsulating the deep golden drops in our world-renowned chocolate liquor bottles. They are are working with the world’s leading Cognac labels: Rémy Martin VSOP, Camus VSOP, Courvoisier VS, Louis Royer VSOP and Gautier VSOP.  The box contains 15 individually wrapped bottles.

    Net Weight: 230 g. / 8.11 oz.
    Country of Origin: Denmark