Christmas Ecclefechan Tarts with Brandy Butter Set

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Enjoy this Christmas tart dessert with classic Scottish tarts from Walkers topped with Tiptree's Brandy Butter.  This set contains 1 each of Walkers Ecclefechan Tarts and Tiptree Brandy Butter.

Walkers Ecclefechan Tarts are a favorite Scottish treat from days gone by that are sure to delight new generations. Ecclefechan Tarts were once popular in bakeries throughout Scotland and the recipe for them had all but disappeared - until now, with Walkers revival.

Each of the small, round deep cups of buttery shortbread pastry is filled to the brim with a satisfying rich and moist mixture of juicy sultanas and currants combined with pieces of glace cherry and chopped almonds for texture, to create a mouth-watering and delicious sensation. All of the ingredients were selected by Walkers and are of the highest quality available.

The Ecclefechan Tarts and all of Walkers products are baked to perfection in small batches so that they receive the utmost attention. They contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or additives. Each package contains 4 tarts.

Net Weight: 180 g. / 6.35 oz. 
Country of Origin: Scotland

Tiptree Brandy Butter is a sweet, rich sauce, usually consumed with traditional desserts during the Christmas and New Year period in the United Kingdom. Brandy butter is a blend of sugar, unsalted butter and brandy. Refrigerated until it is relatively hard, it is typically served cold to provide a contrast with hot desserts such as Christmas Pudding or Mince pies.

Ingredients: Sugar, Butter (MILK), Brandy (11%).

Net Weight: 170 g. / 6.0 oz. 
Country of Origin: England