Chiostro Crunchy Amaretti in Square Gift Box
Chiostro Crunchy Amaretti in Square Gift Box

Chiostro Crunchy Amaretti in Square Gift Box


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Crispy macaroon, with apricot kernels,  individually wrapped and wrapped in elegant colored tissue paper in a tall tin with a square base. The biscuits are all gluten free.

By Slowly baking a blend of sugar, apricot kernels and egg whites, Chiostro, makes the round bitter/sweet almond biscuits called Amaretti, decorated with sparkling white sugar and wrapped in colorful papers.  The "Chiostro di Saronno" is an ancient Franciscan cloister located in the center of the town of Saronno.  This is home of the company and where they keep their prestigious recipes.

Savor a tasty moment rich in tradition after breakfast and after lunch thanks to our delicious Amaretti del Chiostro. Enjoy them also accompanied by a delicate sweet wine or crumbled in a fruit salad or ice cream.

According to legend, the Amaretti were prepared for the first time by a young couple as a gift to the Cardinal of Milan. From a mixture of apricot kernels, sugar and egg white we obtain the famous round, crunchy sweets decorated with granulated sugar flakes, called Amaretti, of which the company offers a wide range.

Each cookies is around 9-9.5 grams.There is about 16 pieces in the box.

Ingredients: Sugar, apricot kernels (19%), egg white. May contain traces of nuts.

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.3 oz.
Country of Origin:  Italy