Cakees Mohn - Rahm (Poppy Seed Cake)

Cakees Mohn - Rahm (Poppy Seed Cake)


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Just as the barista prepares his coffee with love, Cakees poppy seed cake is a composition of juicy poppy seeds with a fresh cream topping. According to the traditional Thuringian recipe. The goal was to create a delicious cake that can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world, as if freshly baked. That is why a lot of freshly cooked, juicy poppy seed mixture is placed on a bed of shortcrust pastry.

The firm shortcrust base not only goes great with the delicious poppy seeds. It also ensures that your delicious piece of cake can be eaten out of hand. Even if you are sitting at the summit cross of the Zugspitze.

Cakees poppy seed cake with a cream cover is baked absolutely fresh in the practical transport box and immediately vacuum sealed. This not only achieves an extremely long shelf life - after opening the cake actually tastes juicy and fresh.

Cakees cakes are not only enjoyed at the living room table. The flavor-sealed cakes are also taken to dream destinations in camping buses, rucksacks, kayaks and saddlebags. That is why the outer packaging was created in such a way that your juicy poppy seed cake with a cream cover still looks really good in the dream place.

Net Weight: 300 g. / 10.58 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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