Borsari Coffee Cream Panettone
Borsari Coffee Cream Panettone

Borsari Coffee Cream Panettone


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From Borsari's Rustic line, this panettone has a 72-hour process in which the most important phase is the operation of refreshing the yeast which, in this way, is always kept alive. By working it with flour and water, we ensure that it remains reactive, giving the product softness and flavour. Inside it has coffee chocolate drops and is filled with a coffee cream.

At Borsari, they believe, that there is no innovation without starting from tradition. Borsari has chooses quality through their choice of ingredients and through  the production and packaging process.  In Borsari's method, the rush has remained out, they give good things all the time they need.  Borsari's attention to detail is sometimes called meticulous, they call it a love for their products.

Net Weight: 1100 g. / 38.8 oz.
Country of Origin: Italy

Best Before but not Expired: May 5, 2024