Bonne Maman Lemon Tartlet

Item # A4580025

From Bonne Maman lemon-filled little tarts is a crunchy cookies with coconut. A lovely, palette-awakening lemon filling is surrounded by a fresh, crispy shell. These three-bite-sized treats are individually wrapped, and are perfect as a light, sunny finish to a heavy meal. They’re equally good, of course, as an afternoon snack, a mid-morning indulgence, or any dessert that deserves a pop of citrus.

Ingredients Wheat flour, sugar, inverted sugar syrup, fresh butter 17%, fresh eggs, powdered almonds, lemon puree 1.3%, natural lemon flavor, acidifier: citric acid, salt, gelifying agent: pectins.

Net Weight: 125g. / 4.4oz. 
Country of Origin: France