Bio Planete Organic Ghee Frying Oil

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Bio Planete Organic Ghee Frying Oil is a blend combining the health benefits of a vegetable oil with the delicious taste of butter. Ghee is an essential part of Ayurvedic cooking: it is a special form of clarified butter which is lactose free. Due to the high oleic sunflower oil that this mixture contains, it has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (67g/100 ml) and vitamin E (30 mg/100 ml). It is a gourmet’s choice for frying vegetables and fish, as well as for omelettes and pasta dishes. With a smoke point of at least 392°F it is perfect for frying and cooking.

Try it in this recipe: Sauté Potatoes with Thyme  (

Bio Planète formed in 1984, when the Moog family took up residence in the pristine natural landscape of Southern France, and passionately devoted their skills to the production of premium culinary oils from certified organic farms. Judith Faller-Moog, herself an organic farmer, is convinced that natural culinary oils of organic quality require a high degree of competence and experience in equal measure. For this reason, Bio Planète manages every single production step from the field to the bottle with utmost care, beginning with the exacting selection of the right oil seeds, kernels, and nuts. Their classic oils are rich in essential acids, balanced in flavor, and first cold pressed. More than thirty years later, Bio Planète is a leading brand in France and Germany with production facilities in both countries and around 100 employees.

Net Weight: 500 ml. / 16.91 fl.oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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