Bahlsen Leibniz Butter Biscuit

by Bahlsen
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Bahlsen Leibniz Butter Biscuits are rich, pure, creamy cookies with a crunch you can hear and a taste that will melt in your mouth. This cookie was launched in 1891 and is still a favorite today!

For over 125 years, generations of the Bahlsen family have made European biscuits to be enjoyed by generations of biscuit lovers. Bahlsen’s origins lie in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Hermann Bahlsen, who launched his business in 1889 in Hannover, Germany where his descendants carry on the company today. Proud to be known as the largest family-run biscuit producer in the world, the Bahlsens maintain the twin standards that their grandfather established of traditional quality and innovative improvements. The first of these innovations was the launch of the company’s best-known product, Leibniz Keks, in 1891. Next, in 1904, it pioneered the first moisture resistant packaging for biscuits, a breakthrough that ensured every biscuit would remain as crisp as the moment it left the oven. The Bahlsens of this generation are still driven by the family passion: to make a delightfully varied line of high quality biscuits created with innovative recipes, sourced from the finest natural ingredients, and baked to perfection.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm and palm kernel oils, sunflower oil) sugar, salt, sunflower lecithin, milk, egg yolks.

Net Weight: 200 g. / 7.05 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany