Bad Heilbrunner Erkaltungs Tea (Fever & Headache)

Bad Heilbrunner Erkaltungs Tea (Fever & Headache)


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Every year again: the limbs ache, the throat scratches - colds are an annoying companion, especially in the cold seasons, and always seem to hit us at the most inopportune time. With Bad Heilbrunner Cold Tea you have a herbal home remedy at hand to counteract the classic symptoms of a cold and to strengthen your own immune system.

The special effect of the tea is based on a medicinal herb composition that has been tried and tested since ancient times: the ancient Greeks already knew how to use the pain-relieving powers of the willow bark. Together with linden blossoms, the beneficial herbal mixture can reduce temperature and induce sweat. The root of the liquorice, which also owes its characteristic note to liquorice, rounds off the sweet taste of the tea.

Net Weight: 8 g. 
Country of Origin: Germany